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So, I think I'm kind of going to take a break from Twitter for the next 10 days. I'll still be available; I'm not exactly taking a break from the fandom... but I don't plan to look at my Twitter feed. I have Tweetdeck so I'm still going to keep my DM column open (also I'm leaving text-alerts on), so if anyone wants to contact me through DMs, I'll still be totally available. I think I'm gonna keep my @replies column open, too...

If anyone wants to contact me (which I totally encourage because I get lonely as hell when I'm out-of-touch with everyone), you can DM me, PM me here on LJ, email me if you have my email address, or text me if you have my phone number. I really do want to stay in-touch, so please do contact me... The only thing I don't want to know about is drama (which is bound to occur during the 10 days); that's why I'm avoiding my Twitter feed in the first place.

I'll still be around [ profile] teamratbert, in case I'm needed, and to stay ~connected... so long as it remains drama-free.

I plan to work hard to try and get as much as my LBB finished before November, and once November starts, I'm going to try and do NaNo... So that's how I intend to spend a lot of the time that I would normally spend staring at my Twitter feed haha.

I may still tweet from time to time; I just won't be looking at my feed. Though obviously, if anything particularly epic happens, I will have to haha.

Anyway, we'll see how long this lasts. I'll probably be able to stick it out as long as I can stay in contact with people. :)


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