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How amazing is it that in this fandom, one can even have a Top Ten Favourite Kisses? Let alone that there are so many to choose from that it's actually pretty difficult to narrow it down... Not that I'm complaining, I mean... I got to spend a bunch of time looking at gifs of Adam and Tommy sucking face. Honestly that's mostly what the point of making my Top Ten was, anyway.

Hopefully this post won't kill your browsers, but it might. Just a warning.


NYC, Night 1.

Okay, so technically this one isn't a kiss... but at the time, it may as well have been. It was the first mouth-to-mouth contact that we got between Adam and Tommy on this tour, and my god, it was exciting. And it was just a tiny glimpse of what was to come...


Tokyo, Night 2.

What do I really need to say? There's hair-pulling, then face-eating, and then even Tommy feels the need to put his reaction into words. "Wow" is right.



There's something very sexy about the fact that Tommy was wearing a mask and Adam strips it off and tosses it away in order to kiss him. And then the kiss itself is pretty sexy, too. I love the way Tommy pushes into it at the end.



I think we all know how epic this one is... "He also... he also likes this." This is the first kiss we got that was totally unexpected because it was not part of the choreography... I love that it's an admission that Tommy does, indeed, enjoy the makeouts.



I love how Adam brushes a finger over Tommy's lips.. and then grabs onto Tommy's arms to pull him into the kiss. It's so passionate. I also enjoy how Tommy seems to be sucking on Adam's lower lip...



I love how the whole buildup to this kiss, and the kiss itself, is a power-struggle. A sexy power-struggle. Adam grabs at Tommy under his bass, and Tommy's a little taken aback, but then he gets all up in Adam's face and initiates the kiss before Adam's even done singing... But then Adam reasserts control by making the kiss more aggressive. Glorious.



Oh god, this one... Tommy gets all up in Adam's face right at the beginning of their interaction as though urging him, daring him to GO FOR IT. And then Adam does... Holy crap is this a passionate kiss. And just when you think it's over, Adam goes back for a little more...



HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. There are no words to describe the epic that is this makeout... Adam and Tommy are both high and they just decide, yeah, let's makeout! Unlike Fever kisses which are glorious but planned and fanservice-y, this is just... two people who feel like making out at the time. And do. I love how Adam doesn't even have to touch Tommy... he just sits next to him and leans towards him and... they start kissing... And then Adam bends him over backwards. I also like how apparently when Adam is high, he doesn't care about getting Tommy's lipstick on his face.



Okay, so I have a lot of sentimental attachment to this kiss. I was at the St-Jean show (it was epic!!), and I witnessed this kiss in person! It's still, to this day, probably the hottest kiss I've ever witnessed in person. I just... I love the sense of utter longing in this kiss. The way Tommy puts his hand around Adam's back and pulls him in. I may be projecting, but this was really soon after Tommy's father died, and I feel like in this kiss, Tommy was... reaching out.



Happy birthday, Tommy! Seriously, this one... I can't even. I love how this kiss isn't even just hot to me. It literally makes me feel close to tears (the good kind). It takes place when Adam is giving Tommy probably the best birthday present of his life, and it's so beautiful! That song is JUST for him, and Adam goes into it virtually unrehearsed, all for Tommy... And then they makeout during it haha. Again, there's nothing fanservice-y about this one. The context is all wrong for that. It's just a joyful, "happy birthday, I love you!" makeout... It's not for our benefit, it's just for them. It's just an expression of how much they care about each other. Beautiful.

Okay, I had fun doing that... I fucking love these boys.


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