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Sooooooo I went to one last Glamnation show in Albany on Monday LOL.

Drawing you into my recap with this gif...

So, I started out on Monday morning at 7am after sleeping only 2 hours. It was pouring rain pretty much the entire drive down. Of course, my GPS took me through some weird, winding rural routes, which was kind of annoying because the speed limit was so inconsistent. The trip was pretty uneventful, aside from the fact that I had to stop at an ATM to take out American money, because I'm stupid and forgot to take out American money from the bank on the Friday before the trip. I wanted to take the money out from my Visa account, but of course I didn't remember the pin number, so I had to use my debit card, which has a daily limit of $60. So I only took out $40 American on the first day.

I got to the hotel at around 2pm-ish. I texted [ profile] phantomkennel, and she called me to give me directions from there to the concert venue. I found my way there without too much difficulty... I parked at a meter and waited around while Amy went to pick up Carole ([ profile] ayaneva), [ profile] eloiserummaging and @alienlioness (omg I fail and do not know your LJ name!). While I was waiting, this crazy man (probably in his mid-forties or so) came up to me and said "hello," but not in a friendly way... He was pretty weird and creepy about it. I ignored him, and he bitched at me for it. Sorry, buddy, I don't talk to random creepy men who approach me on the street. However, I was tired, I'd been in the car for hours and my nerves were strained, so I nearly burst into tears. I did NOT need that sort of thing. However, soon after, my ladies found me and we all made our way back to the hotel. I took [ profile] eloiserummaging in my car, and we got totally lost (thank fucking god for my GPS), but we managed to get to the hotel before everyone but Carolina ([ profile] starsparkle333) because during that time, Shirphie ([ profile] x_serenade) had arrived at the station and the rest of them had gone to pick her up.

We finally checked into the hotel and went up to our room. When we got there, we were greeted with a surprise: one bed. There were six of us who'd be spending the night there. We were like "...oh shit." Luckily, Carole called down and managed to get us a different room with two beds in it. Two people sleeping on the floor is a lot better than 4 people wrestling for floor space LOL. We hung around for a while, then got ready for the show. We went to dinner and met up with [ profile] rae_1985, her sister, and a friend of Shirphie's whose name I didn't catch. I'm not sure of the name of the place we ate dinner... Bayou Cafe maybe? Anyway, I had nachos because they were pretty much the cheapest thing on the menu lol (also MANY thanks to [ profile] eloiserummaging for covering me ♥♥♥♥ and for letting me briefly use your iPhone for twitter). The waitress in the restaurant knew right away that we were going to the Adam concert lol. We were not very ~subtle about our appearances. While we were there, they played TFM and WWFM for our benefit haha.

About half an hour before showtime, we headed to the theatre. Mine and Shirphie's seats were actually okay, about the same distance away as my Foxwoods seats. It's kind of cool; I've been on the left, on the right, and in the centre. Allison's set was amazing, but of course the audience wasn't exactly the best. Better than Foxwoods, but definitely much lower energy than I like. Our entire section sat through all of Allison's set, so at the end, Shirphie and I just thought "IDGAF" and stood up for the last two songs. Also there were douchebags around us who talked through her acoustic songs. Urgh. Anyway, she was great, I took some pics during her set, and of course my camera battery died before she was even done LOL.

During intermission we went to meet up with some of our group, and we basically discussed how the crowd left much to be desired. We went back to our seats for the ~dance party, which again, could have been more energetic. At one point, Shirphie saw Leila (Adam's mom) walk by. I was actually surprised by how few people seemed to be singing along to FYE. I think we'd discussed earlier during intermission that there seemed to be a lot of first-timers here, so that was probably part of the reason. Anyway, Adam's energy was amazing, despite the crowd. I wouldn't say that he was quite as explosive as at the balloon festival, but he was definitely on fire. He sounded amazing as usual. During Fever, we got the awesome kiss that the above gif is from. I screamed my head off, of course. It's funny, I noticed at the beginning of the show that Tommy wasn't wearing any lipstick, but later on, he was. At first, I thought I was just crazy, but then when I saw pics that Shirphie had taken during the show, he definitely didn't have it earlier on. When he'd gone offstage during Soaked/Aftermath, he put on lipstick (wanted to wait until after kissy times to put it on? LOL). I found this fucking adorable and hilarious. I fucking loved his eye makeup, too. He seems to be ~experimenting with it lately.

There were several awesome Adam/Tommy moments during the show, and I wish I could post gifs but they're all too HQ for me to upload anywhere, it seems. But anyway, during Sure Fire Winners, Adam basically put his knee between Tommy's legs, and Tommy sort of stretched up on his toes to kind of straddle it lol. And then he leaned his forehead against Adam's. Then, during TCB, they got all close to each other as Tommy played, and at the end, Tommy sort of purposely bumped his fist against Adam's crotch LOL. Also Tommy's intro bass-fap was really long. I'm sure there's a bunch of other crap about the concert itself that I'm forgetting... but oh well. Anyway, it was reeeeally amazing. And we managed to exit the theatre right to the barricades. Shirphie and I found a spot right up against them and waited. I'm not sure how much later it was, but eventually, Adam came out to sign. He walked right by us and started at the far end and worked his way back towards the buses. When he finally got to Shirphie and I, he signed her poster, and then his mom came up behind him. He turned around and gave her this giant hug. Omg, it was sooooo adorable, and Shirphie got a good picture of it. Anyway, then he turned back around and was all set to sign her poster again. He looked at it and was all like "oh, I got you already." SO CUTE. Then he signed my CD booklet and I just stared. Lol I couldn't even say "thank you." Holy crap, he's so tiny in person! I know it sounds weird to say that, since objectively he's not exactly tiny, but I've realized that he seemed that way because I was comparing him to other guys I know (my brother, dad, uncles), and he wasn't much taller (if at all) than them, and a hell of a lot thinner. So basically, from my perspective, he's tiny lol. Also his legs are unf. I was literally shaking when he signed my CD booklet and my knees actually gave out for a moment HAHAHAHA. I was sooo ridiculous, but I think Shirphie thought it was cute.

After Adam signed, security told us to gtfo. We hung around for a while afterward, in the vicinity of Monte and some other fans, until security actually made us gtfo haha. Then we went back to the hotel and basically hung out for a few hours. Of course, a bunch of us went online. We found the above gif and honestly spent a good 5 minutes just... watching it. LOL we're ridiculous. We also had a pre-idol Adam sing along (Oh My Ra, Kiss and Tell, I Got This). Apparently we annoyed the hell out of the guy in the room below us, but I had no idea until he called us the next morning at 9am, telling us to "wake up," because we'd woken him up at 1am. LOL what a weirdo. We were already awake, though, because we needed to hit the road. After a quick breakfast, we checked out and I said bye to everyone.

And that's basically all I have to tell... I miss everyone like WHOA already. I really hope I get to see them all again sometime. <3

Here's a gif from Fever, before the kiss:

SO adorable in my opinion haha.

The hug!!!



The glam kiwis lol.

Me and Shirphie, pre-show!


The autographhhhhhh!!!!



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