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Sooooooo, last Saturday (August 14th), I went to the International de Montgolfieres de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Why, you ask? To see Adam Lambert, of course! It's funny, because it's an annual festival that takes place right near where I was born and raised (the little crap town I lived in for 23 years is on the Richelieu River). It was kind of cool to have Adam & co. in my ~native land. Also, it was the one-year anniversary of the first time I ever saw Adam live (in Hamilton, Ontario... aka the show where Adam got hit with a dildo). Pretty awesome way to spend that anniversary, don't you think?

Anyway, it was totally the best concert I've ever been to. Before going, I was kind of worried that the energy would be weird, since the price of the concert was included in the price of admission to the festival ($20 for the day for adults). I figured there might be a lot of people who'd go for the festival and stay for the concert. However, that concern was swept away right as Sara and I got to the festival grounds. As we were walking towards the stage, For Your Entertainment started to play, and, even from a distance, we could hear a bunch of people singing along. We got to the festival site at around 2:30, and there were already a fair number of devoted fans standing around in front of the stage. So, Sara and I found a spot, and I texted Louise (@stolenglimpse). She came and found us and brought us to her spot in the crowd (closer to the stage than we had been; better view, too).

It became apparent quite early that it wasn't going to be easy to get in and out of the crowd very often; when Louise was leading us to her spot, several people very bitchily asked us what we were doing. Once we were there, we put our stuff in a pile on the ground. Basically we decided that, since our shit was there, if we had to get out of the crowd, we'd have an excuse to come back to that spot.

Anyway, we stood around for a good hour, until I decided I really needed to go to the bathroom and eat something. I did that and then I wandered around a little bit, kind of hoping to run into some ~people (however, I was not so lucky). Eventually I went back to my spot, and thankfully I didn't have anyone bitching at me this time. However, I decided that I was staying put for the rest of the day (it was about 4pm by that time). I was the closest I'd ever been to the stage at a concert, and I did not want to lose my spot.

Allison's band soundchecked at some point, and also at some point, a girl we'd been standing with went off and found Tommy (omg I'm still so jealous). We could have gone, too, but again, we didn't want to lose our spot. Then, a bit later, we caught a glimpse of Tommy standing backstage with LP and some other people. Omg, the crowd went nuts haha. He waved and then sort of went to hide. I knew then that this audience was going to be awesome (also, whenever someone on the loudspeaker would mention Adam, the screams were practically deafening).

We did a lot of standing; security would bitch whenever anyone tried to sit down, so we didn't do that. Long before the show started, my feet were killing me and my back was aching. I started dancing and fidgeting like an idiot because that actually helped a little haha. At around 6:30 they started launching some hot air balloons (it was pretty cool, actually... and made for a nice distraction).

Finally, at like 7:15-ish, the show started with some boring speeches by people on the festival committee or whatever. When they were done, Allison came on. She was great. Probably even better than at Foxwoods, and the crowd response to her was actually really good! There was this slightly lower platform projecting out from centre stage, and she came out onto it several times (we were like 5 feet from that platform omg). I was singing along like whoa; I kind of hope she saw me, because it must be nice to actually have fans singing along to your stuff (especially when you're an opening act and some crowd responses really suck).

Orianthi was really great, too, actually. I found her set far more energetic than I had at Foxwoods (though even then, I'd enjoyed her live performance much more than her album). I think part of it was that she's changed her set a bit, and part of it was that the audience was MUCH more responsive. I mean, we were starting to go really crazy by the time she was on. She came out onto the platform a couple times, too. It was pretty cool to watch her rock out. She is SUCH an awesome guitarist.

The wait between Orianthi and Adam seemed veeeeery long, but holy crap the audience was amped. They kept chanting his name and screaming and stuff. Well, I say, "they," but I totally participated in some of this. We also sang along to several of the songs they played in between (Black or White, Stayin' Alive, Dancing Queen, Don't Stop Believin'...). And whoaaaa, when the FYE remix started playing... Yeah, the audience was SO fucking loud singing along! And then when Adam finally got on, the screams were so loud that we barely heard Voodoo haha.

So, my memories of Adam's performance feel very fragmented, but I'm gonna try and put them in order. A lot of them are just short impressions. I was tweeting the entire time... Maybe I should look back on my twitter feed and post my tweets lol.

@adamlambert @TommyJoeRatliff @Monterrific @UhHuhHerMusic @sashamallory @taylorg90 @terrancedlibra AMAZING SHOW!!! MERCI BEAUCOUP!!
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:49:10 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Omg tj kissed adam's neck.rjxc
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:36:43 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
HuJrtyjklfvb kui[
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:34:57 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Mad world.
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:31:50 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Hgjkwsmx c
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:29:31 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Lol hello there dante.
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:26:00 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Omg lol tj actually poked adam in the dick with his bass.
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:22:12 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:19:02 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Adam leaned on tj's shoulder.
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:18:08 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Tj singing along. :)
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:17:21 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Lol lyrics fail.
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:16:52 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Music again!!
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:16:13 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Hello bulge.
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:13:50 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:12:24 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Lol tj and his cup.
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:11:47 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
He is soooooo bringing it.
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:11:13 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:08:28 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Unf Tommy.
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:05:11 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Lol my back is dying.
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:04:27 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
So much many more people singing along here than foxwoods.
Sat Aug 14 2010 22:01:11 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Aftermath now.
Sat Aug 14 2010 21:59:58 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Sat Aug 14 2010 21:57:53 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Omg amazing.
Sat Aug 14 2010 21:56:52 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
I love that Adam actually said st jean instead of montreal. Pronounced it pretty well too.
Sat Aug 14 2010 21:54:37 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Someone threw a stuffed animal and tommy picked it up so presh.
Sat Aug 14 2010 21:52:28 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
What the shit did someone just throw?
Sat Aug 14 2010 21:50:43 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Omg Adam looks gorgeous tonight.
Sat Aug 14 2010 21:47:11 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Sat Aug 14 2010 21:46:37 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Lol tommy's doing a lot of hair flipping.
Sat Aug 14 2010 21:45:42 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Lol omg gonna pass out almost. Holy shit.
Sat Aug 14 2010 21:44:49 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
He's on fire!!!!!!
Sat Aug 14 2010 21:43:50 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Bhdk7x fhjxdfcv
Sat Aug 14 2010 21:43:31 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Hbjnfjsnxb holy kiss omfg6ruj
Sat Aug 14 2010 21:41:21 (Eastern Daylight Time) via ÜberTwitter
Lol crotch grab.
9:38 PM Aug 14th via ÜberTwitter
Hay Tommy.
9:38 PM Aug 14th via ÜberTwitter
9:34 PM Aug 14th via ÜberTwitter
Lol tommy's in the shirt again.
9:33 PM Aug 14th via ÜberTwitter

They have to be read from bottom up. ANYWAY. Holy crap, best concert I've ever been to. Adam was amazing. He came down onto the platform several times during his performance, so I got to see him up REALLY close. He looked GORGEOUS. Also, shallow note: I was really happy that his hair was down, because that's the way I prefer it. He fucked up the lyrics in Down the Rabbit Hole, but that's pretty common... He kissed Tommy during Fever (also pretty common these days, but this kiss was AWESOME; my favourite yet, tbh). I actually paid attention to the choreography in Fever this time, tbh last time I was too busy looking between Adam and Tommy for the whole concert to even notice that there were any dancers there at all (ngl though, I still didn't pay too much attention to them this time around - Adam and Tommy are distracting). At some point, Adam said "Saint-Jean!" and "Je vous-aime, Saint-Jean" ("I love you, Saint-Jean")! His accent was actually really good. I was really appreciative that he actually took the time to learn how to pronounce it... Whereas Allison and Orianthi just called us "Montreal" lol. I noticed during the Idol tour that Adam was also the only one to actually call us "Hamilton" (as opposed to Toronto or whatever the other people said lol). I really love that about him. Anyway, I believe when Adam was doing his relationship talk before WWFM, someone threw a stuffed animal up at the stage and Tommy picked it up. He was soooo adorable about it. And then during WWFM, people were singing along SO loud that we almost couldn't hear Adam. The audience was singing along to like EVERY song; it was amazing. Adam was obviously thrilled about it... He gave us EVERYTHING. He totally brought it. Lol, during Aftermath, Sara turned around to me and asked if I needed tissues (at Foxwoods, I sobbed during Aftermath... and it was the first time Sara had ever really seen me cry). I didn't cry this time, though. Just sang along... During Monte's Music Again solo, he came down onto the platform, which was awesome. Screamed like a crazy for him haha. And I screamed like a moron during Tommy's intro, of course... And then he poked Adam in the crotch with his bass (on purpose) LOL. I liked the up-tempo Mad World much better this time around, for some reason. I knew we were going to get 20th Century Boy, and we did. He sang some of the lyrics to Tommy, put his arm around him, and then Tommy kissed his neck. It was hot/adorable. And that's about all I've got for the show... but yeah, best concert ever.

We waited around in view of the buses afterwards, but no one signed autographs. Oh well; I wasn't really expecting them to, tbh. I figured the venue probably wouldn't allow it, and they had to be out of there by midnight-ish, anyway.


My favourite because not only did it go on for longer than usual, but LOOK AT HOW TOMMY PULLS ADAM IN AND PUSHES FORWARD. IDK it ~does things to me.

Tommy poking Adam in the dick with his bass LOL.

Hot/adorable 20th Century Boy moment.



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