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Okay, holy shit. Foxwoods. I have a LOT to say. I'll lure you in with this gif:

I'm just gonna refer to everyone by their Twitter names because I figure that's the least confusing way to do it. It also requires the least amount of energy lol. Sara's an exception, because she's my RL BFF and I would feel weird calling her "optionally" (FOLLOW HER BTW, WE'RE DRAGGING HER INTO THE FANDOM!).

So, Sara and I left her place at a bit after 9am, and got to the Longueuil Metro station to pick up stolenglimpse at 10am. We got ourselves going right away, and after getting lost BEFORE WE EVEN GOT ON THE HIGHWAY TO THE US, we finally got ourselves on the road. It only took us about an hour to get to the border, but we had to wait a good 15 minutes when we got there. Wasn't so bad, though. Most of the drive was fine, though I swear we had to switch onto like 10 different highways in order to get up there. The GPS was actually quite helpful. That is, until we actually approached Foxwoods. We saw the entrance for the MGM Grand, but the GPS didn't tell us to take that, so we didn't. Saw another entrance for Foxwoods, but the GPS didn't tell us to take that, either, so we passed that, too. And then it was like "arriving at destination!" when we were on an overpass with a ditch next to it, the resort behind us. We were like "UH WTF, NO." So we turned around on a street up ahead, then went back and took the Foxwoods entrance.

We drove into some garage, realized it would probably be far from where we needed to be, so we got out of there and parked ourselves in the Grand Pequot garage. stolenglimpse was staying there, so we figured we'd get her to her room first, then find the MGM Grand garage and head there (we were staying with fallntotheglitr in the MGM Grand). We wandered around for a while trying to find stolenglimpse's hotel, because for some reason, the garage for it was near the lobby for the Great Cedar hotel, instead. Finally we did find her hotel and checked her in. Then we went in search of our car. Except we ended up in the Great Cedar garage, and after several minutes of being all "wtf why does this seem different?" we realized that we were in the wrong garage. So we had to try and find the Grand Pequot garage, which, of course, was not marked on the Foxwoods directory ANYWHERE. However, we noticed this weird rocky waterfally thing that we'd walked past on the way up, so we knew that the garage was near there somewhere.

FINALLY, we found the damn car and started looking for the MGM Grand parking garage. That took us a while. We had to leave and go in through the MGM Grand entrance. Once we'd parked, we went and sat in the lobby, met up with fallntotheglitr, went to the room and just vegged until we were tired enough to sleep.

The next day I got up at 9:30am, but didn't really leave the room until about 11-something, when I went to pick up my concert tickets with fallntotheglitr. She went off, then I went back to the room for and hung around with Sara for a bit. Then I decided to wander by myself. I got a text from stolenglimpse that she was looking for stealinyourgay, so I decided to go and find both of them. I met up with stolenglimpse and we tried to find stealinyourgay because she was lost in the garage haha. Poor dear; we understood. Finally, we found her and took her back to stolenglimpse's room. We hung around there for a bit, then went to get their tickets. At the box office, molliejupiter found us. LOL she gave us glitter sporks. <333 We then went to the lobby to find YikesYahooYum, and gradually our group started growing haha. stealinyourgay and crawlthru_tacos went off on their own in search of food I guess lol.

We had reservations for dinner at 4:30, and now let me try to remember everyone who was there: fallntotheglitr, maybe77, jadedoptimist (who stayed with us the second night <3), fiarra, catnipandhoney, eloiserummaging, YikesYahooYum, PhantomKennel, stolenglimpse and adamaddict_RH. I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple people, and I feel like a douche. Anyway, dinner was fun, though I forgot to make sure to get a pic with the glamkiwis. :( The portions were fucking huge and Sara's hot dog basically looked like a giant penis.

After dinner, we went back to the room to get glammed up. Then we went to catnipandhoney's room to add more glitter haha. Then we went down to the show with her, happy_1225, rae_1985, molliejupiter, linernoire, and some people who I don't think I know haha.

This is me, pre-show, btw:

Okay, so, the show was fucking amazing (did I ever have any doubt that it would be? Fuck no!). My thoughts about it are probably going to be all scrambled and pointless, but I'll try to get out my most important thoughts.

Allison was amazing. I was really impressed. She was definitely even better than on the Idol tour. Holy crap, her voice. So damn powerful. Really, my only complaint about her set was that it was too short. I wish she could have had a longer one. But seriously, amazing.

Orianthi was pretty good. I have to admit that I'm not too impressed by her album; however, I almost always enjoy people more live than on their albums (unless they really suck live haha), so I did like her performance. I do kind of wish that some time could've been shaved off her set and given to Allison though haha. She's seriously fucking amazing on the guitar though. Whoa... I had like, a musical boner for her skills.

And of course the wait between Orianthi and Adam seemed fucking interminable. But finally, Adam took the stage, and holy shit, mind-blowing. Again, I noticed that, in person, his voice is much higher than in recordings. But this time I was expecting it, so I wasn't confused by it haha. He sounded SO GOOD omg. The notes he hit, holy fucking shit. When I saw him on the Idol tour, he'd strained his voice recently, so he wasn't 100%. But at Foxwoods, even though it was his third show in a row, and apparently he was sick, he totally was at 100%, vocally. At least from what I could tell. He was possibly a little less energetic than I've seen him in some performances (understandable!!), but he definitely seemed to be having a lot of fun. I don't even know how many times he literally made me LOL by being presh and silly.
It was so awesome to finally hear some of my favourite songs live. DTRH, in particular, because it's my absolute favourite Adam song. So, DTRH was one of the highlights of the show for me, not only because it's my favourite song of his, but also because, during it, there was this adorable moment where Adam sang "come on follow," and Tommy actually did follow him all adorably. I think I actually laughed and "awwwwww"'d.
And, okay, I have to say that I fucking burst into tears during Aftermath. No, I didn't just tear up. I fucking sobbed like a baby. It was so strange. I NEVER cry in public; it's like I can't. Whenever Sara and I watch movies/TV shows, she's always the one who sobs like a baby at the sad parts, while I just sit there, dry-eyed (I do cry over sad moments in movies/TV shows when I'm alone, though). So when she looked over at me with my face covered in tears, sobbing, she was like "OMFG AWK." IDK, I guess I've just been feeling really emotional lately, and the lyrics of the song, and how beautifully Adam sang it, it just made me break down.
I have to admit that I'm still not crazy about acoustic WLL. Like, I think Adam makes it work, but it still feels weird to me. It's just a song that I really want to be loud and fast and hard. I did appreciate how Adam was obviously enjoying himself on that bench while singing it, though. Haha Sara was jealous of how fallntotheglitr and jadedoptimist basically got to have his crotch in their faces because they were front row on that side.
Just when the show was over and everyone was leaving the stage, we got the awesome moment in the above gif. I was already cheering, and then when it happened, Sara and I screamed so loud that we scared the shit out of the lady next to us haha. It was another total highlight for me, because it was completely unexpected. It was awesome, because we were in row M on the left, so we had a very good view of it.
Throughout the show, I spent most of the time either watching Adam or Tommy. I'd watch one for a while, then switch to the other. I hardly noticed anything else, tbh (that's what videos are for). Poor Tommy was not nearly as bouncy as he has been, but he evidently felt like death, so I'm impressed that the poor guy even managed to make it look like he was having any fun at all. He did headbang a bit haha.
Apparently this happened during Monte's Music Again solo:

But I missed it because I was actually watching Monte for a change lol. I'm grateful for videos and gifs haha.
Basically, I can't fucking wait for August 14th (St Jean Balloon Festival show haha), which, interestingly enough, is the one-year anniversary of my Idol show (the one with the flying dildo).

So, after the show, I very briefly met tarted_up. She recognized me and came over and introduced herself. It would've been nice to talk more, but she had to run off. So Sara and I went to the lobby, and hung around there with a few people for a while. We met up with stolenglimpse and stealinyourgay and decided to wander around with them, in search of the Dunkin' Donuts. We found it, got some stuff to eat, then sat around chatting for a while. Finally, we decided to go back to our hotel room and crash.

On the way back, we saw this giant cluster of people, and I was like "wtf is up with that?" but I just ignored them and walked right by. As I was doing so, Sara was like, "hey, dude, isn't that Adam's drummer?" I looked, and yes, it was LP, taking pics with people and giving autographs. I just kind of stood there, staring and tweeting lol. Sara actually went up to him and got his autograph haha. And then a few minutes later, she was like "Hey, isn't that Monte??" And yes, it was. So, again, I just stood there staring while Sara got his autograph lol. Then Monte and LP told everyone that they had to get to their bus and started walking away. Sara and I kind of followed them because we were heading in the same direction. They tried to walk through the MGM Grand casino, and ended up with a huge cluster of people around them again, so security came along, trying to get rid of the people haha. They made their way through the casino, but LP signaled for people to follow (oh, LP lol), so we did. And then he and Monte took more pics and signed more autographs until they REALLY had to leave. They went out a staff-only exit, I think. Now, uh, even though neither Monte or LP do anything for me in pictures or video, I have to admit that in person, I unf'd a little. :x IDK I think people are just generally a lot more attractive in person haha.

Monte and LP's autographs:

(LP's might be upside down, I'm not sure, tbh)

I think I got to bed around 3am, and got up at 9:30am. Sara and I were all packed and ready to check out at 10:30am. I swear, that's the first time that has ever happened. Usually we're still rushing around at 10:45 lol. After checking out, we said goodbye to fallntotheglitr and jadedoptimist, then met up with stolenglimpse and stealinyourgay. We said goodbye to stealinyourgay, and then she went back to her car, and Sara and I went to find mine with stolenglimpse. Luckily we had no trouble finding it haha.

The drive back was relatively painless, though I did take a wrong exit at one point. I was actually fucking grateful for the GPS that time, because it got me back in the right direction within a few minutes. We left Foxwoods at around 11:30, and got to stolenglimpse's place around 7pm. So we made pretty good time, that way. We all stood around and talked for a good 20 minutes. We're totally going to all hang out at the St Jean show. We'll help each other get a really good spot right in front of the stage haha. I got Sara back to her place by about 8pm. Since I still felt okay to drive, I decided I could manage the extra 4 hours back here. Actually it only took me 3 & 1/2, because I gassed up before leaving and didn't stop at all.

Soooooooooooo, epic trip was epic, and now I'm fucking exhausted.


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